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Traditional Approaches Fail

To respond to complex and ever-changing workforce, companies are committing big investments in the areas of Engagement, Inclusion & Diversity and Wellness.   These well-intended initiatives try to address key employee needs to improve overall performance, innovation and retain great talent.  Even with these investments, employees continue to feel high levels of stress, do not perform at their best, and crave meaningful connection.  In this hyper-competitive market for talent, unique employee experiences and offers differentiate companies as best places to work.  Creative companies must disrupt these traditional barriers, and embrace the intersection between them, to see sustained results.  Employees are increasingly blurring the lines between work and life - and want their workplace community to reflect their values, foster real connections, and allow their whole-selves to be embraced.

Well Meaning, Wrong Leaning
Traditional workforce programs use an “outside-in” approach, pushing initiatives to employees from other areas of the company. The focus is on external performance and WHAT employees can DO differently. This approach can be inherently disengaging as employees passively await options conceived outside of them.

We Invite You to Shift


Inside-Out Approach


​At knock™, we believe the answer is not first in the WHAT (doing) but in the WHO (being). True transformation must start internal within the individual with a radical invitation extended to first reveal who they are and what they care about. Being “inside-out” advocates, we first empower people to own their authentic experiences and be accountable for their own future story and path to overall health. This shift disrupts the silos of engagement, diversity & inclusion and wellness – building a healthier, high performing community. 

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