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Dan Graf
Megan Sullivan

At knock℠, we believe in being true partners for you and your organization.  We invest in getting to know you and what is important to unlocking the whole story.

We are executive coaches, creative facilitators, caring consultants, and impassioned designers who have deep experience working with diverse individual and organizational clients.  We have worked with and in world class companies in multiple industries.

Appealing to a diverse population requires a diverse set of tools. Dan and Megan leverage, among other things,  Neuroscience, Organizational/Pychometric Assessments, Improvisational Methods, Pop Culture Trends, Cutting Edge Research, Mindfulness and Out-of-the-Box Activities to spark a personal investment in knock's offerings that encourages participants to willingly opt in.

We look forward to co-creating, with you, a neighborhood culture at work and a pathway to deeper connections and personal wellness.


An unapologetic dreamer, Megan made the natural shift to “WHOLE life engagement” and became a certified coach after a 12+ year career consulting companies across industry on customer and employee engagement. Megan champions her clients towards bold authenticity and action by coupling leading research and methodologies with her values of adventure, humor and spontaneity. Megan is passionate about designing inventive new ways to address relevant challenges for individuals and groups and holds the paradox that significant fun can accompany significant transformation.

An irreverent risk-taker, Dan Graf is a seasoned global talent management executive and coach who has a passion for helping people reach their full potential.  He has worked in over five different industries for premier organizations, and is an expert in talent development, performance management and organizational culture.  He specializes in team, leadership and managerial development - having designed and executed customized, high-impact programs and experiences over 25 years.  

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