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Big or small, local or international, all companies are communities of people craving connection.  How people perform is directly linked to how engaged and connected (or healthy)  your community is.


In an increasingly competitive market for talent,  companies attempt to address these core employee needs through the lens of Engagement, Diversity & Inclusion and Wellness programs.

At knock℠ we use the metaphor of creating a neighborhood culture by building connections at work where employees engage with a greater sense of collective caring.  We break down the silos of Engagement, D&I and Wellness programs.


We focus on individuals, teams, leadership and management to help organizations become healthier, higher performing communities.

Strategic Partnerships


Ready to build a better work community?  Want to create a neighborhood culture where people are authentic, courageous, curious, trusting and healthier?  Ready for greater sustained performance?

If so, let us help you! 

We co-create with you at the team, departmental and organizational level for longer-term success and healthiness.

Transformational Offerings


We recognize and value that each organization has a different pulse. Our flexible offerings are designed to help create a culture of authenticity and caring step by step.   We provide unique and fun facilitative experiences, individual and team coaching, and creative consulting.

Current Multi-day Offerings:

  • Discover - Who is Home

  • Disrupt - Who is on Your Block

  • Transform - Who is in Your Neighborhood



We are trained in the Co-Active model from the Coaches Training Institute and as such adhere to theICF Code of Ethics. The Co-Active Model balances self-awareness, a keen agility with relationships, and courageous action to create an environment where individuals can be deeply fulfilled, connected to others and successful in what matters most. As Co-Active coaches, we focus on the whole person, unearthing values to inspire and motivate action. We help clients deepen their self-insight and then champion them to make bold changes throughout their lives.

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