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We have developed the knock Model℠ to radically shift development from the "what" to the "who".  Everything starts from center - MY STORY - where we explore who is home.


​Embracing engagement is self-defined after a journey to figure out what I value and care about most without self-limiting beliefs and then VULNERABLY allowing myself to be seen by others. This exploration uncovers “what is MY house like?”


​Mutual and vulnerable sharing creates real connection and TRUST. An open environment build on honesty and sharing leads to REAL investment in the people around you. Shared success and collaboration are more important as a shared culture emerges and strengths are leveraged. How can I be a good neighbor?


​Discovering our AUTHENTICITY creates a curiosity about us that is self-perpetuating. The more we discover and embrace what matters to us, the more grounded we are in our own story and curious about those surrounding us. Openness and sharing lead us to wonder: Who is on my Block?



Ongoing authentic connection creates a community of CARING where we have a shared purpose, we leverage our collective strengths and we have a communal perspective of deep commitment to the success and happiness of those around us. We value the WHOLE lives of every individual and offer radical PERMISSION to bypass thresholds and bring their whole selves to work. This radical shift is transformative for employers.


Being empowered with knowledge of what is important and inspires us leads to meaningful choices and COURAGEOUS action.  The deep satisfaction that comes from acting in alignment with personal beliefs and values encourages bolder steps and more powerful action forward. How can I be ACCOUNTABLE for my growth?

The Knock ModelTM

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