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​​​​knock's, cutting edge approach is based on leading research, industry experts and proven methodologies. The areas of Employee Performance, Wellness, Diversity and Engagement have been largely silo'd. We at knock, believe true innovation will require a holistic approach factoring in all of these areas (and others). Listed below is some of our current thinking as well as a sampling of the research and publications that served to inform knock's approach.


Despite increased access to social tools, people are still lonely and disconnected at work and are experiencing engagement and health consequences, stress being one. Stress reduction is a key wellness target for companies in 2017 but loneliness is too often “suffered in silence” as the stigma attached to it makes it hard to admit let alone ask for help. Good, healthy relationships are necessary for engagement and wellness at work. At Knock we actively cultivate caring neighborhood communities in the workplace so employees can show up in a more authentic way and self-advocate for their own unique social needs, inviting others to “look out” for them, as caring neighbors do.

Missed Connection: BFF at Work

Not engaged at work? Make a best friend. Having a best friend at work is a key engagement and performance driver in Gallup's State of the Workplace survey. When employees can shift from colleague to friend they are motivated to perform in a new way. To companies this can feel too “personal” but the price of avoidance is reduced innovation and collaboration. Work cultures that focus on sharing personal stories foster authentic connection, naturally breeding friendship. At Knock, we do not avoid the “personal,” we lean into it, because what can be more powerful than having a best friend who is a trusted neighbor, who you can invite into your home and who knows your real story?

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